Our Approach

In depth research, strategic planning, and proper evaluation are at the heart of what we do.

Effective Campaigns

The most effective marketing and communications campaigns should follow a clearly defined process that ensures proper research and planning as well as consistent evaluation. We don’t believe in just winging it or seeing what happens. We take a more thoughtful approach to manage campaigns for our clients. We typically envision engagements in three distinct phases.

Two men working together at a desk, one writing on a notepad and one typing on a laptop

Typical Phases

Phase I: Discovery (30 Days)

At the start of every engagement, we launch a comprehensive discovery phase designed to gain direct insight into our clients’ goals and objectives. This phase is critical to a campaign’s success because it allows us to find the right approach for you. During this phase, we conduct one-on-one interviews with the appropriate individuals, perform independent research, review pertinent information you provide, and develop a comprehensive, strategic communications plan. At the conclusion of this process, we will review the plan with you and make adjustments/recommendations based on your feedback.

Phase II: Implementation

Once a plan is finalized, we will begin the implementation phase. Strategies and tactics are tailored specifically to the unique needs of each client and approved in the strategic communications plan.

Phase III: Assessment

Consistent evaluation is crucial. We send reports to clients monthly and typically organize monthly strategy calls as well. These recurring calls provide space to discuss broader strategy and evaluate current campaign efforts. Our firm is committed to transparency with all our clients and we have found that monthly assessments are the best way to evaluate new opportunities. It has also proven useful when managing time and staying accountable to one another.

Client Engagements

Our client engagements are usually annual retainers. We meet with clients regularly to evaluate, adjust, and update our efforts.

We also work with clients in need of crisis communications support. These projects are typically shorter term and based on an hourly rate.

If you need PR, crisis communications, or other strategic communications help, let’s start a conversation.