Couple sitting on a bench at a senior living community

Senior Living Portfolio

Challenge: A national REIT decided to consolidate its senior living portfolio under one operator in order to enhance profitability. This meant that the remaining operator would need to on-board 10 new communities into its portfolio within a three-month period. Both the REIT and the operator wanted to share news about the consolidation with senior living industry publications and local news organizations where the communities were located. They also wanted to create a seamless digital transition on social media. 

View of an apartment community from above

Solution: Gray Ryan Communications developed a comprehensive three-month plan outlining the strategy and implementation tactics that would be used as the portfolio was consolidated. The key component of this strategy was confidentiality because the REIT did not want information about the consolidation leaking out before each set date the operator would take over management of the communities. Gray Ryan Communications was able to build a social media presence behind the scenes and draft press releases for national and local markets based on the consolidation schedule. We were able to secure numerous placements in outlets including Senior Housing News, Senior Housing Business, The Baltimore Sun, and others.


Bottom Line: The consolidation was successful and the new operator was able to integrate the 10 new communities into the portfolio without any leaks or incidents. Social media sites were launched on the appropriate dates as well as news announcements.


Secured 27 media placements in local and national outlets


Launched new social media assets around 10 communities


Successfully built strong, local community support by highlighting the operator’s past successes

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